Load chain inspection

Load chain items to inspect, and conditions which may require replacement, during scheduled frequent and periodic inspections, or if the daily visual inspection by the operator indicates a more detailed inspection is required, are as follows:


  • Clean chain before inspection to permit full inspection of the load chain.
  • Attach a load to the hoist and operate hoist in the lifting and lowering directions. Observe operation of load chain and chain sprockets. The chain should feed smoothly into and away from chain sprockets. If the load chain binds, jumps, or is noisy, inspect the chain and mating parts for wear, distortion, or other damage.
  • Attach a light load (approximately 50 to 100 pounds) on the hook and check load chain for wear and elongation. Chain wear and elongation are checked by measuring a specified length (specified number of chain links called gauge length) of chain. Gauge length is shown in Figure below, shows two gauge length figures because hoist manufacturers may denote gauge length in two different ways. The chain gauge length for a new length of load chain, and the measured gauge length when load chain should be replaced is normally outlined in the manual furnished with the hoist. If such information is not available,

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